Wyn Geleynse

Wyn Geleynse

City Service Trucks 

May 15 - September 4, 2016

City Service Trucks is on view in Gallery Two

Opening Reception:

Sunday, May 15, 2016 from 2 to 5pm

Sponsored by Romeo's Corner Cafe, Black Swan Brewing Co. and Stratford Blooms

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Artist Statement:

These trucks grew from a single work originally produced in 2005, entitled City Service Truck #07. The idea of a series -my modus operandi- came in 2010 when I was casting about during a time of transition in my practice and moments of critical evaluation of the milieu in which I worked and lived. I realized these collector editioned, die-cast truck models provided me a stage on which to act out my responses to that milieu. 

I started writing in support of the ideas represented by each of the trucks in order to produce a promotional product catalogue. I soon realized an editor was needed. Stan Denniston responded immediately with good humor and even better grammar. After about four pieces, he became my silent collaborator. 

I am always seeking external affirmation, usually from the first passerby or drop-in visitor; Troy Ouellette, David Merritt, Geordie Shepherd and Thelma Rosner were those individuals, usually just laughing and walking out but mostly contributing opinions, parts, and in two cases providing the seeds of one of the works. Thank you ! 

Alex Ross designed the graphics of the book, so you can blame him! He is my graphical saving grace, patient with my senility and indecisions. Thank you Alex !

Will Hill my grammarian of last resort. Thank you ! - Wyn Geleynse, 2016

image credit:  Wyn Geleynse, City Service Truck, 2010, Die Cast 1975 GMC 6500 Sierra, Mixed Media

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