Train Dreams

Opening Reception: Sunday, April 13 | 1pm - 3pm

 Exhibition: March 31 - July 6, 2014

+ Featuring a live performance by sound artist Nick Kuepfer

View the Train Dreams Teaser

Train Dreams is an experimental multimedia installation that examines the nature of memory and time by exploring history through railway culture. The exhibition includes animation, regional and international new and archival video footage, and an original sound design. This exhibition is a collaboration between four artists which portrays memory as a phenomenological, dream-like process, that does not unfold in a linear narrative process, but instead through a sequence of enactments, dissipations, and transformations. Train Dreams engages the viewer in a visceral process of sensory oscillation and plays with sense perceptions; creating experiences of scenes, shapes, spaces, colours, textures, and sounds, that blend together to form ambiguous impressions of the past.