Steelbox Art Lab Mural Project

Ages 12-15

Join this off-site, outside public art making experience. Gallery Stratford's Steelbox Art Lab is an interactive art making and exhibition space. The Steelbox Art Lab Mural Project is an opportunity to experience muralism in a public setting. Participants will conceptualize site-specific ideas, explore contemporary muralism and paint their collaborations on the outside of the Steelbox. The completed mural will be viewed by the community, tourists and all patrons of the Steelbox Art Lab. This course is an innovative way to express yourself while collaborating to create a public art piece. Led by Samantha Howarth.

3 Weeks:
Saturdays, June 10 - 24 | 1pm - 3:30pm

Gallery Members $70 | Non Members $80 (plus HST)