Steelbox Art Lab

Steelbox Art Lab


Gallery Stratford's exciting new Steelbox Art Lab is an off-site exhibition and project space utilizing a re-purposed shipping container. The Steelbox Art Lab is a community outreach project, where any artists, youth, creative minds, and members of the community have a chance to share their artwork, installations or projects. The shipping container currently sits in the YMCA Parking Lot, next to the Skate Park on Downie Street in downtown Stratford.

We are currently accepting proposals for use of the space.  We invite your creative ideas and experiments.  After all this is an 'art lab'.  Projects can be as short as a weekend or as long as a month and can utilize the interior or exterior spaces.  The Steelbox Art Lab is solar-powered and fully-accessible. 

In your proposal, please include a statement about what you wish to exhibit/install/do with the space, as well as a timeline for how long you wish to use it. We are hoping to have the Steelbox Art Lab open early this spring and will have it filled all through the summer with different projects and installations created by groups and individuals in our community.  Until we have sufficient funding in place, all projects must be self-supported.  Gallery Stratford will work with you to develop your project and will provide the space, signage and marketing.

Check out our exciting Steelbox Art Lab Mural Project - JOIN THE FUN!

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