Silvana Bruni

Silvana Bruni 

Glass Quilts: Meditations in Motherhood


July 20 – September 30, 2018

Opening Reception: Friday, July 20, 7-9pm

Artist Talk:  Sunday, September 16th 2 PM

Through materials found in her surroundings, Silvana Bruni explores space and texture with items as simple as a scribbled note or the stamping and tracing of her baby daughter’s toys. While her main canvas is often Plexiglas, she has also explored with various found items such as windows discovered at the side of the road. Layering glass creates depth to each scene her mind decides to create. The found items welcome a sense of surprise and the lack of control encourages and allows freedom, intuition and spontaneity in her creation process.

 In her latest project, Glass Quilts; Meditations in Motherhood, Bruni and her baby daughter explore with painted footprints, and the work is finished off by found materials. These recordings of her daughter’s foot and hand prints and marks are precious moments captured through art. Bruni simply enhances the marks her daughter has left in hopes of further bringing out what she sees. This project is the exploration of life and the experiences it holds.

Image detail: scribbly days and nights (oh the messy years), mixed media on Lexan glass, 2014