Scott Pattinson

Scott Pattinson


Sunday, February 9, 2014 at 1pm

Exhibition: to April 6, 2014


passion colour shadow shot dream evacuation breaking light line tumult time swing silence slide surrender and hold strike border limit bust hold and hold and release

“Imagine a stained glass window fed through a blender: you can sense that the pieces and bright bursts of colour once conveyed a form, but now that the original has been smashed, you’re left to marvel at the riotous pile.”

- R.M. Vaughan (The National Post)

HOLD and RELEASE is a solo exhibition by Cambridge artist Scott Pattinson, curated by Aidan Ware, that boldly investigates imagination, spirituality, and the unconscious, while questioning borders, edges, limits, and systematization. The paintings unleash a powerful, lusty world of interior emotional spaces competing with rigid exterior elements that promise as much to release you as to clutch you. In some cases, the work braces and holds and defines, and at other times, it shatters and wrecks and pushes havoc. The canvases are passionate, chaotic, simple, fierce, longing, searching, withdrawing, confused, and crystallized visions of what it means ‘to be’. They are collectives of moments in time; a parade of spiritual plateaus and turbulence, moving through the channels of light and shadow towards deepest longing, driving in heavy pursuit of steady dreams, and still more silently, towards being cast wildly into unfettered freedom.



Canadian painter Scott Pattinson was trained in architecture and urban design and his work continuously explores and meditates upon urbanization and tensions between manufactured landscapes and spiritual spaces of emotional multiplicity. From his formal training, he draws upon sculptural elements to define his painting style; often using a wide brush, thick and raucous palette, and an actionable approach. A prolific painter, Pattinson’s body of work uniformly evokes the energy of his intense engagement of the moment where emotion and sensuality are built into mapped geometries of sliding specificity and transcendental architecture. Carrying on the tradition of abstract expressionism, Pattinson’s work defies a static definition, seeking to exist in the flux of undulating realities and malleable logistics.


His work has been reviewed in prestigious publications including the Edmonton Journal, Walrus Magazine, Galleries West Magazine, and The National Post. Pattinson’s paintings are in many corporate and private collections in Canada, United States, Europe, Ukraine, New Zealand, and Brazil. He has Canada-wide representation by renowned commercial galleries:  Bugera Matheson Gallery (Edmonton, Alberta), Canadian Fine Art (Toronto, Ontario), Granville Fine Art (Vancouver, British Columbia), Oeno Gallery (Prince Edward County, Ontario), and Thielsen Gallery (London, Ontario).