Rena Balmain-Matthews

Rena Balmain-Matthews

I've Learnt How to Hold You

October 6, 2018 - February 10, 2019

 Opening reception Friday, October 5, 7-9pm

 "In Rena Balmain-Mattews' series, I've Learnt How To Hold You, the artist's hand becomes a supporting character and a shape-shifter through which her felt range of initimacy is explored. Tender in their body, this collection of portraits layered on tintypes is hazy and inarticulate, as if to grapple with their greyness. But there is also vivid illumination in the crease of friendship, resulting in how these images savour moments of profound understanding, and divulge the shape of oneself in relationship to another. This striking culmination of the artist's exploration of selfhood through photography works to deconstruct how relationships are developed, maintained and stored, and bends around the people she has grown with and been held by. 

In holding the full spectrum of her practice, Balmain-Matthews captures what it feels liketo articulate, and participatein these stunning moments shared with friends. I've Learnt How To Hold You is a collection of embodied feelings, inviting us to soften into the shapes we carry." 

-Emily Blatta