Mark & Ed Czajkowski

Mark & Ed Czajkowski

The Love of...

May 13 – July 9, 2017 

The Love of … brings together the work of father and son and celebrates their passion for art, creating, collecting, and the importance of family. 

There is a strong sense of place, a connection to home and family, that is evident throughout Mark Czajkowski's work. This connection to place and home, extends to  his connection to the land, to Canada and especially to lakes and rivers of Northern Ontario and the coastal areas of PEI.  Trees are a common motif that Mark uses, depicted naturally or often in his own uniquely stylized form. Mark draws his inspiration from the world around him, but credits the Group of Seven, Picasso, and Van Gogh as artists he admires.  Elements of all of them appear in Mark’s work, however, his style remains uniquely his own and is most profoundly influenced by the creative environment in which he was raised.

Like Mark, both of his parents were self-taught artists who had a passion for creating, collecting and making.  Ed Czajkowski told us he has “been creating his entire life.”  His house, his garden, his garage and studio/barn are all a work of art.  Ed refers to himself as a “doodler” artist as all his creations start with a series of simple doodles, sketches, and drawings, of which he has thousands.  A love of colour, form, shape, and patterning is evident in his work, as is his strong connection to family history. 

Art plays an integral part in Mark and Ed’s lives.  Their shared passion for art-making creates a strong and intense father and son bond and they each hold a profound appreciation for one another’s work.   Both these artists produce work at an astonishing rate and volume, always thinking, dreaming, working on their next painting or sculpture.  


Left - Mark Czajkowski, Detail of East Side of the House - First Snow Storm, oil on canvas, 24 x 12 inches

Right - Sculpture by Ed Czajkowski