Marianne Lovink

Marianne Lovink: ARCADIA
Exhibition on view from May 26 to July 14, 2013

Gallery Stratford is pleased to present ARCADIA – a new large-scale multi-part installation by Philadelphia-based Canadian sculptor, Marianne Lovink. This exhibition brings together new and recent work inspired by a deep fascination with the complex nature of the biological world and its underlying organic structures.

In recent years my work has focused on exploring the juncture of art and science; a place where fiction meets fact - and in the creation of invented hybrid form: ambiguous new versions or mutations of the “natural” that are both unpredictable and unsettling. I have also been particularly interested in the interplay of pattern and form:  the tension between the complexity of cellular structure and the simplicity of a sensual hybrid object. Although my use of tactile materials, labour-intensive methods, and a spare palette has remained constant, this most recent work also incorporates a new sense of playfulness and refinement. These works are curious, fanciful, and ambiguous versions of the natural: a three-dimensional re-imagining – part reality, part conjecture.

Arcadia, the large-scale multi-part installation in Gallery One was created specifically for this exhibition. Comprised of multiple swollen, sensual forms hovering in mid-air and adorned with obsessive ornamentation, this work represents a personal vocabulary and a mash-up of influences which include: tribal art, fetish and bondage objects, mosaic tiles, tattoos & graphic novels. These robust yet delicately patterned, ambiguous, hybrid objects are unpredictable and unsettling and it is the inherent duality of these forms – their ability to elicit conflicted emotions of curiosity and alarm - that intrigues me. Each unique piece is intended to inform and complement its neighbour thus creating a dynamic relationship and dialogue between all parts.

– Marianne Lovink, May 2013

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Marianne Lovink is a Canadian sculptor, currently based in Philadelphia, USA. She received a BFA (Hons) from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario and spent time as an artist-in-residence at The Banff Centre in Alberta. Lovink has an extensive exhibition history in both public and commercial galleries and has participated in Art Fairs in Canada, the United States and Europe. She has been the recipient of numerous arts council grants and has recently completed several large-scale site-specific public art projects. Her works can be found in both public and private collections. She is represented by Olga Korper Gallery in Toronto and Jennifer Kostuik Gallery in Vancouver.

Russell Smith’s most recent novel, Girl Crazy, is being adapted for cinema by New Real Films of Toronto. He writes weekly on the arts in the Globe and Mail.

The artist would like to thank Olga Korper Gallery, Micah Adams, Janette Chein, and Russell Smith for their support of this project.

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Images: ARCADIA (above, left), dimensions variable, mixed media, 2013.  Home page: BUTTERCUP #1, aqua-resin, pigment, 2012.