Land, Sea, Sky

Land, Sea, Sky

Artwork from the Gallery Stratford Permanent Collection

Curated by Susan Kielek and Rebekah Kielek 

October 6 - December 30, 2018

Opening reception Friday, October 5, 7-9pm


Land, Sea, Sky is an exhibition of work from the Gallery Stratford permanent collection.

"People tend to have deep emotional connections to the land they occupy, whether they realize it or not. This is part of why landscapes in art have persisted in popularity despite the passage of time and diverging styles of art. Representations of land, sea, and sky carry an element of nostalgia. These representations might capture places
that are familiar to us; places that have emotions and memories attached to them. They also might capture places that remind us where we want to go; places that, while we have not yet visited them, already have some sort of connection."

~ Susan & Rebekah Kielek

Artists exhibited: Hendirkus Bervoets, Marie Bieman, Ron Bolt, Judith Currelly, Ken Danby, Lyonel Feininger, Tom Forestall, A.Y. Jackson, Benjamin Leeson, Sigrid Lochner, John Martin, and Robert Sinclair


Image: Hendrikus Bervoets, (b.1945), Untitled, 1980, colour pencil and pen collage on paper