Janine Miedzik

Janine Miedzik

No Fixed Address

May 15 - September 4, 2016

No Fixed Address is on view in Galleries One and Three 

Opening Reception 

Sunday, May 15, 2016 from 2 - 5 PM  

Sponsored by Romeos Corner Cafe, Black Swan Brewing Co. and Stratford Blooms

Artist Statement:                                              

My own movement through the city allows me to glean; to be conscious of the shapes, spaces and surfaces I encounter. My relationship to territorial markings, borders and lines in my surroundings merges naturally with my interest in abstraction.

I draw upon sources unique to my own history, paired with a fascination with cities and highways, parking lots, and other forms of public space, symbolic representations such as maps and signage; and commercial methods and materials.

In my work and in my daily life, my background as a painter is only as important as my experience as a visual merchandiser, window dresser, prop builder, faux finisher, film scenic and house painter; and materials and visual sensibility more often than not comes from these trades.

The objects I make straddle the concerns of painting installation and sculpture. Two-dimensional surfaces are laid flat or piled up to create volume around an empty void. I use coloured adhesive tape as a primary medium. The connecting application of adhesive backed material acts as type of collage at a magnified scale, and reflect an interest in gleaning, grafting, and the process of making repetitive and modular components. These surfaces and structures act as temporary, unfixed arrangements, using standardized, mass produced colours and materials.

Relying heavily upon stripes as well as radiating modular patterns to creates a state of curious disorientation. Historian Michel Pastoreau suggests a binary condition of stripes that oscillate between clarity and camouflage, confrontation and retreat, revealing and concealing. Order and delineations surround us. In many cases, such as way finding and signage the stripe is used to signal, direction or warnings. These systems of orientation can break down or become disorienting. Delineations are meant to provide efficient ways to move, using signs to direct us, but an overload of patterns can also cause vertigo.

Indeterminate spaces, on the other hand, are sloppy, haphazard and the result of broken down systems and lapses in idealized geometries. The city is dotted with construction sites and cranes that characterize a state of perpetual mutation; they are areas of transience and impermanence that don’t always fold neatly into one another.

Clown Car Pulls Into A Smart Centre and Lane Raze are large-scale compositions comprised of coloured fabric duct tape. The 900sq ft surfaces are made up of patterns that were deliberately made without the ability to see the entire whole, moving from section to far section, and finally joining them together by filling in gaps. The process mimics the perpetual mutation of development, the joining together of areas of sprawl into a homogenous built environment. - Janine Miedzik, 2016

image credit:  Janine Miedzik, A Clown Car Pulls into a Smart Centre, 2015 Polyvinyl tarpaulin and duct tape. 30' x 30' variable