Dolson, Lichty & Kernohan

It has a lot to do with a thought

Sarah Kernohan, Gareth Lichty, Jenal Dolson

April 5 - May 31, 2009

Gallery Stratford is pleased to present the group exhibition It has a lot to do with a thought, with new works by Kitchener artists Jenal Dolson, Sarah Kernohan and Gareth Lichty.

Artist Jenal Dolson uses organic formations and intimate structures in her paintings to create utopian environments. Her work examines the human form and its relationship to its immediate surroundings. Referencing medical text books, early animation and shapes found in nature and geology, the fragments of recollection and observation all combine in deeply ornamental but self-contained paintings. The paintings in this exhibition come from the heart of the Northern Green Mountains, a result of Dolson’s recent residency in 2008 in Vermont.


Gareth Lichty

Gareth Lichty is a builder, a maker of things, but above all he is a sculptor. Lichty’s emergent practice has quickly risen to prominence through his astounding and mature use of banal and ubiquitous materials to render large-scale and elegant sculptural objects. These objects require physical strength and thousands of hours of sustained and careful labour. In the works included in It has a lot to do with a thought, Lichty’s reconfigurations make reference to the traditions of monumental sculpture while providing a wry critique of excess and the consumer world.

 Image: Gareth Lichty, "Enclosure", High Density Polyethylene, 2008.

Sarah Kernohan

Sarah Kernohan thinks about geological processes, glaciation in particular, in the construction of her work. Using collage in the process allows her to build drawings that have multiple layers. In drawing, she explores the surface of small organic objects – pieces of bones, shells, fungi, plants, rocks, and branches. The detail found on these objects' surfaces bring to mind the surface of the earth through an airplane window. The large scale of the work has the power to invoke associations and powerful experiences.

Above image: Sarah Kernohan, "Untitled", Ink and Watercolour on Paper, 2008.

Left Image: Jenal Dolson, Purple Mountain Hush, 2008.