David Rokeby: Plot Against Time

David Rokeby: Plot Against Time

Exhibition: To February 2, 2014

In this exhibition, Toronto artist David Rokeby explores our relationship with time through photography and video. Using an archive of 750,000 still images of the city of Montreal captured over one year, Rokeby probes correlations of space and time by meticulously recombining the images. Rokeby also literally puts time in your hands – as you physically reach into the work to explore soundscapes that mark our transient passage in and out of time. As part of this exhibition, Gallery Stratford unveils its purchase of Plot Against Time #2 (Flurry), the most recent work to enter into the permanent collection. This work stretches the viewer's eye across time, revealing the hidden patterns traced by falling snowflakes in the turbulent atmosphere amongst the skyscrapers in Toronto's downtown core.

David Rokeby has been making works of electronic, video, and installation art since 1982. His work pioneered interactive art in the 1980s; translating physical gestures into interactive sound environments. He uses a combination of technologies and soundscapes to address issues of digital surveillance, differences between human and artificial intelligence, and philosophical explorations of human perceptions of time and environment.

David Rokeby's work has been shown extensively in North America, Europe, and Asia. He has been a guest speaker at many events and has published two papers that are required reading at several universities.

In 2002, Rokeby represented Canada at the Venice Biennale of Architecture and in 2004 he represented Canada at the São Paulo Biennial in Brazil. In 2007 he completed major art commissions for the Ontario Science Centre and the Daniel Langlois Foundation in Montréal and his sculpture Cloud is one of three permanent art installations at the Ontario Science Centre.

Image: David Rokeby, From Memory 1