Perth Huron Exhibition

DISCOVERY: 2015 Perth Huron Juried Exhibition

Exhibition: July 19 to October 04, 2015

Juried by:
Tobi Bruce, Senior Curator of Historical Art (Art Gallery of Hamilton)

Gallery Stratford annually presents a juried exhibition of works by artists from Perth and Huron counties. This year, artists were invited to submit works that reflect on ideas of discovery, which is the 2015 theme of the Stratford Festival. The exhibition includes works spanning diverse disciplines, media, and subject matter, but they all dynamically investigate physical and/or narrative concepts of revelation, exploration, and disclosure.

The Winner of the People’s Choice Award: Nicole Westbrook - Canada: Muskoxen.

Nicole Westbrook - Canada: Muskoxen

Artist's information about the piece:

13 Muskoxen, representing all of Canada’s provinces and territories, are depicted in a defense position. The ground they stand on consists of the merged skylines of all 13 of Canada’s capitals. 

Muskoxen are social animals and when threatened form the characteristic line of defense. If they stay together an intruder will most likely give up. Muskoxen date back thousands of years to the ice age where they walked the earth amongst the woolly mammoths and sabre-toothed cats. 

This artwork was completed in August 2014 from the use of watercolour and wax. Through the use of a small brush, paint was meticulously applied. Then wax was melted and brushed violently along the surface and then was quickly manipulated. 

Artist's biography:

Nicole Westbrook (NEEOCO) was born and raised in Clinton, Ontario (1985) into a family operated farm.  She graduated in 2009 with a B.A. in Political Science minor in Philosophy from Acadia University (Nova Scotia).  Afterwards, she devoted her life to a full artist career (2010).  She is a self-taught representational watercolourist who believes accomplishment is met when an artwork embodies enough detail to hinder an individual from taking it all in during one sitting.


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