Being in Time

Being In Time

April 11 - June 6, 2010

Celebrating the 138th Anniversary of the Ontario Society of Artists    

BEING IN TIME celebrates the 138th anniversary of the Ontario Society of Artists by taking up as its very theme the existence in Canada of the OSA, a uniquely durable artists society, which remains contemporary over time.
Literally brimming with images of figure and ground in a variety of media this 138th Annual OSA Members Exhibition celebrates the OSA’s constant work to provide opportunities for its membership, to work, exhibit, document, educate and reflect on the natural and man-made beauty found in this province and beyond by featuring contemporary abstracts and representations of nature and culture by 61 member artists, which are complimented by the inclusion of exemplary oil and pencil studies by past society members such as: A.Y. Jackson, Arthur Lismer and Doris McCarthy.

Artists: Ona Alisauskas, Robert Amirault, Valerie Ashton, Nadia Bechirian-Tiseo, Peter Barelkowski, Andrea Bird, Lillian Michiko Blakey, Kelly Borgers, George Boyer, Carmel Brennan, Bruno Capolongo, Ray Cattell, Rita Choy-Ng, Susan Clark, Lynda Cunningham, Pat Dumas-Hudecki, Nancy De Boni, Elizabeth Elliott, Carole Edwards, Jean Eng, Pat Fairhead, Mary Ellen Farrow, Judith Finch, Maya Foltyn, Heather Grindley, Cathy Groulx, Diana Harding-Tucker, Janet Hendershot, Robin Hesse, Kate Hyde, Tara Imerson, Shahla Jamal, Laurin Jeffrey, Linda Kemp, Lila Lewis Irving, Mary Anne Ludlam, Sheila Roberts MacDonald, James MacDougall, Janice Mason Steeves, Vallery Mokrytzki, Robert Montgomery, Ryan Moon Song, Mary Ng, Audra Noble, Mary Pavey, Germinio Politi, Helena Pravda, George Raab, Alejandro Rabazo, Janet Read, Doreen Renner, Asher Sadeh, John Schweitzer, Christina Sealy, Gerald Sevier, Dragan Sekaric Shex, Johanna Skelly, Alice Teichert,  Gerd Untermann, Wynn Walters, and Yetvart Garbis Yaghdjian.

Preview the exhibition publication here.
The printed catalogues are available at the Gallery.

Image: Carmel Brennan, "The Night Sky - Wonder", detail, 2007.